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The Dean blogosphere continues to expand, with the addition yesterday of the One Uncle for Howard Dean blog. The first entry:


Yes, I shamelessly copped the name "One Uncle for Dean" from the new One Father for Dean weblog. I might have called it "Another Father for Dean", but we're still working on that little detail. ;-)

So instead I'll give a shout-out to my DudeMan and my Sunshine Girl! I love you kids, and I'm going to help make the world a better place for you!


We're in Iowa for a second day. Right now I am sitting in the Dean for America Iowa headquarters in Des Moines! Gov. Dean is hosting a reception for Polk County activists. It's great to see the office humming! We're had a busy day. The Gov. has been meeting with activists all day. We feel like we're picking up support, but it's hard to tell. It is still early, and everyone here in Iowa is so nice - even if they're not on your side! One of the highlights of the day was a stop at Big Daddy's Bar-B-Que in Des Moines. Big Daddy and his family make barbeque sauce. The sauces range from mild to hot to "Are You a Survivor?" The Gov. did not try the "Are You a Survivor," but one of us had to (being the daring people that we are!) so we made a member of our small entourage try a crumb-sized amount of the sauce. His face turned bright red and he almost needed the assistance of Doctor Dean! Big Daddy gave the Gov. two bottles of sauce to bring home to his kids and Judy -- the Gov. requested the mild!



Greetings from Iowa! Today was our second four state day in a row. We started the day in Missouri and ended it in Iowa, with stops in Texas and Arkansas in between! At 5:30am we got on a plane and flew from Missouri to the President's home state of Texas where we had breakfast with around 100 medical professionals in Dallas. The Texas people are great. They've got their own Dean for President website (www.deanfortexas.com) which you should check out!

After Texas we hopped on another plane and flew to Little Rock, Arkansas (home of a former President) for lunch. Over 150 people joined Gov. Dean under a tent for a barbeque - meat, baked beans, cole slaw, potato salad, and, of course, sauce. (As a native Vermonter, I can tell you that we don't have barbeques like that in Vermont!) This was Gov. Dean's second trip to Arkansas, and many of the people at lunch had heard the Gov. speak before and were ready to sign on. There was a lot of media at the event.

After lunch we got on yet another plane (this day was not made for a queasy flier like me!) and flew to Fort Dodge, Iowa. Gov. Dean visited his 43rd county in Iowa on this trip. Today the Gov. had events in Webster City (Hamilton County) and Fort Dodge (Webster County). We are spending the night in Fort Dodge and tomorrow will make our way to Des Moines.


A new (unofficial) blog about Howard Dean was launched yesterday, from a father's perspective:

And so it starts - a minor political odyssey for all the right reasons: my daughter, my country and my world.


Via Rick Klau, Shiny Glass Beads has a great post on the Nashua Meetup that Howard Dean attended on Wednesday:

I chose to listen well [to Howard Dean], rather than attempt to take detailed notes. I'm a blogger, thus I'll leave voice transcription processing to the pros. Surely a full transcript will become available? But, I will tell you something now - some things I learned and felt from tonight's meeting.

It is time for us to stop temporizing and compromising.

We are tired of being divided by race.
We are tired of being divided by income.
We are tired of being divided by gender.
We are tired of being divided by sexual orientation.
We are tired of being divided.

Howard Dean's Call to Action is about giving you, giving me, a reason to stand up for what we believe in.

Howard Dean's Call to Action is about revoking the Bush Preemptive Doctrine.

Howard Dean's Call to Action is about changing presidents and changing foreign policy.

Howard Dean's Call to Action is about becoming whole as a country, community-by-community.

Howard Dean is resolute. And, you know what?

So am I.


"This coziness with Halliburton doesn't surprise me a bit," Dean said in Concord, N.H. "It's an emblem of an administration that has sold this country down the river."


I'ts 5:30am and we're in the Kansas City airport on our way to Dallas, Texas. Yesterday was a four state day: New Hamphire, Ohio, Kansas and Missouri. Before this campaign I didn't think it was possible to visit for states in one day and accomplish anything, but I was wrong! We started the day in Manchester, NH and flew to Cleveland, Ohio. (The day started off great - muffins on the plane instead of the traditional breakfast pretzels!). We had lunch in Ohio with a great group of supporters. We were then off to a reception in Kansas and dinner in Missouri. This was our first official trips to Ohio, Kansas and Missouri and the response in all three states was great! Kansas and Missouri are amazing states and they have been hit hard by the tornados. Last night a tornado hit just 50 miles from where we were.

They're calling the flight, so it's off to Dallas!



We are in the middle of moving offices right now, and every few minutes another staffer walks by looking both lost and happy with a chair or a telephone or a fistful of folders. We outgrew the downtown Burlington office--or rather, we outgrew it about two months ago--new people are coming on daily, and the whole campaign is hitting a new swing. Dean supporters, many with extensive experience, were calling up and offering to move to Burlington and work for free, but we didn't have a place to put them. Some of the best meetings were held in the "office" that was the outside hall. We were getting to be five people in an office, and six people to a phone. Finally Trippi relented, and we've moved just outside of downtown Burlington to a place we can both think and swing our elbows without hitting a coworker. (The phone number and our P.O. Box address is the same.) At all events, the internet connection is a lot faster, and we are all feeling pretty good.


May 8, 2003

Florida's "Everglades Forever Act" Endangered by Big Sugar

BURLINGTON, VT-Democratic presidential candidate Governor Howard Dean today blasted Florida Governor Jeb Bush's apparent support for legislation that would weaken the "Everglades Forever Act."

"This is another example of the Bush brothers' rhetoric not matching reality. The Everglades are a national resource we must fight to protect," said Governor Dean. "Just last year, President Bush said that 'the restoration of [the Everglades] ecosystem is a priority for my administration, as well as for Gov. Bush.' But now Jeb Bush and an army of lobbyists for Big Sugar have pushed legislation through the Florida House and Senate which would seriously threaten the viability of the Everglades and may dismantle the federal-state partnership that has begun the process of saving the Everglades. We must not allow the Everglades to be destroyed by politicians who kowtow to the interests of Big Sugar. Years of progress should not be undermined by hastily passed legislation. Jeb Bush still has the opportunity to reverse course and veto this bill. He should do so."

The legislation has drawn criticism from Republican and Democratic members of Florida's congressional delegation. It is widely recognized as putting billions of dollars of federal funding for Everglades restoration at risk.

"After becoming President, George W. Bush swiftly broke his own campaign promise to regulate carbon dioxide emissions which cause global warming," said Dean. "Now, his brother is also bowing to industry pressure. Apparently, environmentalism Bush-style only goes as far as the lobbyists will permit. We must do better."


In light of recent headlines concerning candidates’ connections to the wireless industry, the Dean for America campaign issued the following official blog statement: “We feel that it is in our best interest to make a timely confession regarding our own wireless connections. Governor Dean is linked to 497 wireless users—a nameless, faceless group that is growing every day, and some of whom the Governor doesn’t even know. For intrepid journalists who would like to investigate this tie further, visit www.deanforamerica.com/wireless.”



I am writing this LIVE from the Meet Up at Martha's Restaurant in Nashua, NH! There are over 150 people here! We couldn't miss the restaurant when we pulled around the corner because there were 50 people standing out front with Dean signs. The Gov. entered the room to the sounds of the re-mix of his speech to the California state convention - our new favorite song!!

Gov. Dean is giving a great speech! He is talking about the issues that he thinks are important: health care for all Americans, a stable economy and a balanced budget, and a reasonable approach to foreign policy. Here's some of what he just said:

"I am tired of being divided by race. I am tired of being divided by income. I am tired of being divided by gender. I am tired of being divided by sexual orientation. I am tired of being divided!"

"The only way to beat President Bush is to stand up for what we believe in."

"I want a country that believes again."

"Now that we are tied in New Hampshire other campaigns will go after us. Well, I am not going anywhere and there are 22,000 Americans just like you around the country who aren't going anywhere!"

Gov. Dean had the crowd fired up!! It was a great Meet Up!


Governor Howard Dean today joined Senator John Kerry in calling upon President Bush to pressure Syria and Lebanon amidst allegations of money laundering in those two nations.

"President Bush must address the concerns about possible money laundering by Syria immediately," said Governor Dean. "Given the long history of terrorist organizations operating in Syria, we cannot afford to take chances when $1 billion may be working its way into the coffers of terrorist organizations."

In response to suspicions that Saddam Hussein's son, Qusai, took $1 billion from a Baghdad bank as the war began and transported it to Syria, Senator Kerry asked President Bush to label Syria and Lebanon "money-laundering concerns" under the USA Patriot Act. He also urged the Administration to request that financial institutions monitor transactions involving the two countries.

Governor Dean supports taking this action as a defense against terrorism under the applicable provision of the USA Patriot Act as it now stands. Governor Dean suggested, however, that the Patriot Act should be substantially revised because it includes attacks on our rights of privacy and our civil rights.

"While I advocate strong measures against countries that launder money that could be used for terrorism, I recommend that Congress re-examine the Patriot Act and strip out those provisions that undermine our civil liberties-- such as the ability to hold American citizens without the right to counsel and to allow the government to rummage through the library and video rental records of citizens without first obtaining search warrants."


This is really incredible:

Monday at 12:30 pm, Dean Meetup reached 20,000 people.

28 hours later, on Tuesday at 4:30 pm, 21,000 people had signed up to Meetup for Dean.

Less than 24 hours later, on Wednesday at 3:00 pm, Dean Meetup topped 22,000 people.

Meetup tonight at 7 pm. See below for a post from Howard Dean on tonight's Meetup in Nashua.


Tonight there is a big meet-up in Nashua, N.H. I'll be there and I'll be thanking everyone there, and at the meet-ups all over America for carrying our campaign as far as you have. We have a long way to go, but we have made enormous progress, and we will keep making progress with your help. Many, many thanks, I'll see as many of you as possible tonight at 7-9p.m. at Martha's Exchange, 185 Main St. Nashua, N.H. Howard Dean


Howard Fineman writes today at MSNBC.com that Howard Dean "is still a man to watch, if not the man to beat:"

Why? A few reasons. For one, Dean has made himself the organizing principal — pun intended — of these earliest innings of the campaign. As they say in baseball, he’s the straw that stirs the drink....

Dean’s dovish views and chesty demeanor are defining the debate, drawing reactions from other contenders....

Another reason Dean still bears watching is his organizational savvy. Being an outsider, yet one with sterling connections and technical skill, is a good combination. He is running a relatively lean but efficient operation, with knowledgeable veterans (Steve McMahon and Joe Trippi from D.C.) teaming up with Ben & Jerry types from Vermont and elsewhere.

So far, Dean’s outfit is the most adept at using the Internet, which is to the 2004 campaign what cable TV was to 1992 and direct-mail to 1980 — the new Best Practice for reaching and motivating voters.

This week, the Dean campaign’s grass-roots enthusiasts will put themselves on display, gathering in about 250 “Meetups” generated through the Web site of the same name. These events turn traditional organizing on its head: The campaign people go to the meeting, they don’t put it together.

(And a friendly reminder that Dean Meetups are tonight at 7 pm.) Fineman continues:

A tiny but revealing indicator of organizational skill: the speed with which the allegedly inexperienced Dean campaign responded to attacks during the TV debate in South Carolina. They matched the top-shelf and perhaps top-heavy Kerry campaign stride for stride in rushing printed rebuttals into the press room during the event. “Kerry has a Noah’s Ark campaign,” a top Dean lieutenant told me in South Carolina. “They’ve got two of everything.”

Then there’s the candidate himself. Howard Dean, at least as a candidate, is a shark in Land’s End clothing....Dean appears to draw inspiration from the cutthroat side of the Kennedy legacy, Bobby and Jack in particular. Their rhetoric soared and their ideals were noble, but their tactics were tough.

Finally, there’s the question of the war. The swift military victory in Iraq, so the argument goes, made Dean look bad, or at least irrelevant.... But, in politics, a week is a year and a year is a lifetime. No one knows what Iraq will look like a year from now. No one knows where the war on terrorism is headed. And at the grassroots of the Democratic Party, there remains deep, Dean-like skepticism about the war in Iraq and military answers in general.

Remember: To win the Democratic nomination, you need only Democratic votes — and plugged-in Democrats at that. In that small universe, you don’t have to play the role of Top Gun to win.


Governor Howard Dean today joined the New Hampshire AFL-CIO in denouncing President Bush’s attacks on working families, including efforts to end overtime pay and to allow corporations to raid worker pension funds.

“This President takes money from working people and gives it to the Ken Lays of the world,” said Governor Dean. “As president, I’ll stand up for working people and make sure they get the money they earn.”

At an AFL-CIO event Governor Dean attended this morning, Monique Savoie, a single working mother, made an emotional statement underscoring the importance of overtime pay for working families. “I need that money to pay for the dentist, and even just to take my kids to McDonalds,” she said.

Said Governor Dean, “A thriving middle class is key to maintaining America’s economic power, and attacks such as these on U.S. labor laws undermine the middle class.”


New Jersey's Fran Wood has a profile of Howard Dean's appearance Sunday at a fundraiser in the Garden State. She writes:

Of the nine Democrats seeking their party's 2004 nomination for president, one appears likely to spawn the most excitement....

Dean talks of the need to "bring the Democratic Party back to the center." But Democratic candidates in the last two decades have redefined the center, which puts him slightly to the left.

Fortunately, he has ammunition. He's more than good on his feet -- well-spoken, serious, thoughtful, assertive without resorting to shrillness. When he stands in front of a crowd.... he does not come off as a martinet ideologue but a reasonable man who talks about inarguable concepts like "fairness" and how to achieve them.

"Morals and world opinion matter in foreign policy," he says, which is why he's arguing for a multinational reconstruction process [in Iraq].

"We need to internationalize the administration of Iraq as soon as we can," he says, if only for the very practical reason that he thinks Americans won't want to hang in alone for the 10 years he believes reconstruction will take.

"If Bush really believes we can be out of there in two years," says Dean, "he's smoking something a lot stronger than he smoked at Yale."



It's a two state day. We started the day in New Hampshire and ended it in Maine. The crowds today have been fantastic. We did several events at Dartmouth College in Hanover. Students, faculty and members of the community came to hear Gov. Dean. At one event over 200 people showed up! We then went to two assisted living complexes and again the crowds at both places were over 100 people. We drove to Portland, Maine and attended a reception and a dinner. I'm sorry to sound like a broken record, but once again the crowds topped 100!

We spent much of the day in the car driving from place to place. To pass the time we (or I should say I) monitored the Meet Up website. I gave Gov. Dean hourly updates (yes, I've become obsessed!) and he could not believe the number of people signing up! In one hour over 100 people signed up. Tomorrow the Gov. will attend a Meet Up in Nashua, NH!

We also got some great news while we were driving around New Hampshire. According to a poll released today, Gov. Dean and John Kerry are tied for the lead in New Hampshire. We've still got a lot of work to do, but it was certainly a nice boost!

Tonight we are staying at a private home in Portland. Tomorrow we'll start the day in Maine and end it in New Hampshire! (We've got a lot of time in the car tomorrow, so if you haven't signed up for Meet Up please do! It will give us something to do!!)


The following is the statement of Governor Howard Dean in response to the Associated Press story reporting that former Senator Gary Hart will not seek the presidency:

“Gary Hart’s ideas and insight have contributed a tremendous amount to our national dialogue, particularly in the area of national security. Traveling across our country, I am struck by the number of young people whom former Senator Hart continues to inspire. As Democrats, Gary Hart reminds us that new and critical thinking is required to solve the challenges our nation faces. Despite his declaration today that he will not be a candidate for president, we must not lose his voice or the prescient and informed worldview that Gary Hart brings in patriotic service to our nation.”


Rory Laverty at the Alameda Times Star writes about his experience signing up for tomorrow's Dean Meetup:

At least one presidential candidate knows a good thing when he sees it.

The candidate's name is Howard Dean, the former governor of Vermont. The good thing he recognized is called Meetup, and the combination of the two is proving to be a novel and effective way of getting young people involved in politics....

The combination of grass roots and cyberspace is proving to be a good way to energize the younger, liberal set who are Dean's natural supporters. In the pre-campaign season, he's the first Democratic presidential candidate to really inspire a following, particularly in the Bay Area, for his unrelenting criticism of the Bush administration's sledgehammer diplomacy even before the Iraq war, as well as his unwavering support of civil unions and equal rights


An additional 1,000 people nationwide have signed up for Dean Meetups in the last day, bringing the total to over 21,000.

The next Meetup is tomorrow.


Volunteers in California have created two different videos of Howard Dean's recent visit to the state. Both are available for download.

Both videos require Quicktime to view. (Click here to download Quicktime.)

Right-click on the links below to download the movies:

Video of Dean Speaking at the San Francisco Fundraiser, April 29th.

5 Minute Music Video depicting campaign staff and Meetup volunteers greeting Howard Dean upon his arrival at the San Francisco Fundraiser on April 29th.


Dave Johnson reflects on Howard Dean and Dean Meetups (the next one is tomorrow) over at his blog, Seeing the Forest. Some excerpts:

Saturday a week ago I attended two Dean house parties, each of which involved conference calls of approximately an hour, with Governor Dean answering questions from groups in different cities. Then I saw Dean speak in San Francisco last Tuesday evening. His speech was an order of magnitude refined from the California Democratic convention speech you may have seen online and the crowd was yelling and cheering. Before the event there was a pretty good crowd of Meetup members gathered out front to greet him. There was such a feeling of energy and hope.

This last Saturday I went to a local Democratic Party event. In private discussions on the upcoming Democratic primaries, Dean seems to be the main subject....

Several old-time Democrat pros have told me that they haven't seen anything like Dean in a long time. Three different individuals have said that his speech at the Cal. Dem. Convention was one of the best they have ever seen, and the way it inspired the crowd there tells them that this is a different kind of candidate. They see an energy and detect an ability to attract not just base Democrats, but to reach out to "swing voters" and even Southerners. Many mentioned a feeling that Dean will be able to draw young people back into the election process. I'm talking pragmatic jaded state-wide professionals, and you do not see this kind of enthusiasm from this crowd very often. Usually it's pragmatic and cynical talk but this time I am hearing optimistic, enthusiastic support. This is what is special about Dean's candidacy. Dean already has a large (20,000+) Meetup volunteer network operating nationwide because of this ability to inspire enthusiasm. Now this is almost year before the first primary, and we're seeing this kind of energy and numbers.

I think that after you have actually seen Dean speak, you're a believer, and this is why the numbers are growing so fast, so soon. This ability to make a personal impression through a speech is important... I have to say that Dean is bringing out an enthusiasm in so many people I am talking to...

There is an energy around Dean's candidacy and I think Dean has the message and personality to win the nomination and the national center, too.


A profile of Governor Dean will be airing at 9 pm on Thursday, May 8th on NECN (New England Cable News).


From the AP:

Democratic presidential rivals John Kerry and Howard Dean are tied in the latest poll of likely New Hampshire voters.

The survey by Franklin Pierce College, conducted April 27-May 1, found the two candidates at 23%, with Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut far behind at 9% and Rep. Dick Gephardt of Missouri at 8%.

The results were similar to a survey by the same organization in early April.

Almost a third of those surveyed, 31%, were undecided, down from 38% in the early April poll.


A new poll conducted April 25-27 by Zogby International finds that 31 percent of likely Iowa caucus participants are undecided, the Des Moines Register reports. David Yepsen analyzes the results, and has this to say about Howard Dean:

Dean has moved up handsomely. He's gone from two points to six. No one else has tripled the level of support. Based on Dean's rate of gain and Lieberman's rate of fade, the two will switch positions in a couple more months.


The power of the pen.

California Dean supporters Jon Felson and Tim Hane rise to the occassion in today's edition of the LA Times. Felson writes:

In "Dean Sets Tricky Standard for Himself" (May 2), Mark Barabak questions former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean's veracity while quoting strategist Garry South as an impartial political observer.... While most readers may not be aware that South has a bias in favor of Sen. John Kerry's (D-Mass.) campaign, many insiders know better.

Both Kerry and Sen. John Edwards (D-N.C.) have tried to play both sides of the fence on the war. Each counts on the support of pro-choice organizations. Both skipped the most important abortion vote in a decade. If Dean is a little messy in calling attention to this hypocrisy, I forgive him. At least he's standing for something.

Hane concurs:

Barabak might not like Dean, but Dean is the candidate who offers the most hope I've seen for the Democratic Party in my lifetime. He is straightforward and unafraid to take issues head-on (civil unions for gay couples, the war in Iraq). Nor is he afraid to take on President Bush, who seems intent on destroying the very fabric of our nation with the erosion of civil liberties and privacy rights.

As Dean stated, he's here to represent the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party. Dean is our man for president.



The Associated Press has picked up the latest news about the Dean Meetup phenomenon.


The number of Meetup for Dean supporters today surpassed 20,000. Dean supporters are now the largest Meetup group in the world, and participants will gather in more than 250 towns and cities this Wednesday, May 7th.

Dean Meetup participants form a powerful volunteer base for the campaign and are a key indication of the extraordinary level of grassroots support for Governor Dean.

Dean will attend the Meetup in Nashua, New Hampshire (7:00 PM at Martha’s Exchange, 185 Main Street) on Wednesday. In a statement released today, Howard Dean said: “I am thrilled that so many of my supporters take part in Meetup. These neighborhood and community gatherings speak to the grassroots support that is at the heart of this campaign.”

Said campaign manager Joe Trippi, “While the pundits are obsessing over the ‘silent primary’ of campaign finance reports and donations, they are missing the biggest story of the election: the grassroots volunteer power the Howard Dean campaign has harnessed over the Internet."


Tonight, Howard Dean will be interviewed on CNBC's “After Hours with Maria Bartiromo." The show will air at 9pm Eastern and will repeat at midnight.


Joe Edelheit Ross, a former campaign staffer for Senator Paul Tsongas' 1992 presidential bid, writes in the LA Times today that Howard Dean "appears poised to benefit from three dynamics that assisted Carter in 1976 but that crucially eluded Hart in 1984 and Tsongas in 1992." His analysis of those three dynamics:

The first is organization. Long before his surprise New Hampshire win in 1976, Carter somewhat anonymously traveled throughout the country to meet party officials and lay a coast-to-coast groundwork for his campaign. As Tsongas put it, Carter created a national constituency "by sheer shoe leather."

Tsongas' own campaign, however, was not prepared for a nationwide effort after New Hampshire. Likewise, Hart in 1984 spent his limited resources on Iowa and New Hampshire in an effort to score an initial breakthrough, but then was unready to fight simultaneous campaigns in several large states.

In contrast, Dean appears to be building a nationwide constituency, though not by "sheer shoe leather." Dean has collected more than 18,000 supporters online [now almost 20,000] at Meetup.com, a free Web-based tool designed to facilitate monthly group meetings around various topics. Though not a scientific measure of electoral appeal, Meetup provides a mechanism for Dean enthusiasts to self-organize.

... Dean is using the Web to build a nationwide organization on the cheap. If he succeeds, the lesson for future campaigns may be that it is as valuable to be "Netgenic" as it is to be telegenic in presidential politics.

A second ingredient for success after New Hampshire is the ability to attract the support of the traditional — read: liberal — Democratic constituencies that vote in primaries. Both Tsongas in 1992 and Hart in 1984 did well among upper-income, better-educated whites, but neither candidate attracted significant support from blacks, union members or self-described liberals.

Despite standing to the right of most Democrats on the deficit and gun control, Dean doesn't appear to have a problem with the liberal party base.

Finally, if he were alive today, Tsongas might warn Dean that a third key to success is getting good press. Reporters dismissed Tsongas as a regional candidate despite his victories in states as far afield as Maryland, Arizona and Washington.

Editor & Publisher magazine reports that the national press has anointed Dean "the freshest face of the Democratic Party."



Whew! Yesterday was quite a day! The big event was the debate, but the debate didn't start until 9:00pm, so we did a lot to fill the day.

The debate was planned around the South Democratic Party's state convention. Gov. Dean attended a number of Democratic Party sponsored events. He went to a breakfast sponsored by the South Carolina Democratic Women's Council. We then went to a presidential candidates' "meet and greet." All 9 presidential candidates had tables where the conventions goers could come and meet them. The Gov. spent almost 2 hours meeting people. He was mobbed all of that time! We signed up a lot of new supporters! Later in the day, Gov. Dean spoke at the state convention. He gave a 4 minute version of his stump speech (if a speaker spoke for more that 4 minutes they were gonged off the stage!!).

After the convention, Gov. Dean took a few hours for last minute debate prep. Beside going over notes one more time, it's hard to know what to do before such a big event! I'm sure what we did to kill time was very glamorous compared to the other campaigns! We ate dinner at a Subway sandwich shop (turkey sandwich, lettuce, tomato on wheat bread), and then the Gov. took a short nap before the evening debate. While the Gov. rested Steve McMahon (our media consultant) and I sat by the pool at the Columbia Holiday Inn.

Finally, the time we had been waiting for arrived. We headed over to the University of South Carolina for the debate. When we got to the debate site there was a crowd of 100 screaming, sign-waving Dean supporters there to greet the Gov. He very much appreciated their support! We went into the debate hall and were escorted into a holding room not far from the stage where the debate took place. All of the candidates were in rooms next to each other so it was a little tense. About 10 minutes before the debate started the producers at ABC News lined the candidates up in the order that they were sitting on the stage. When all the candidates were lined up, they proceeded on to the stage (as he was walking out, Gov. Dean handed me his cell phone - this was not the time to be getting calls!).

A small group of Dean for America staff watched the debate in a room across from the debate site. It was an interesting 90 minutes! We found overselves responding to some of the questions and speaking loudly to the tv!

After the debate Gov. Dean went to the press room where he spoke to the news media. Because it was the first debate it was a feeding frenzy! It was amazing to see how much media was there. The Gov. was facing a mob of cameras, tape recorders, and notepads!

The Gov. had one more stop before ending the night - a Dean debate watch party! There must have been over 100 people gathered to watch the debate. When the Gov. walked in the room, the place went wild! It was a great ending to a long, but exciting day. One debate down, many, many more to go!