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Daily Kos yesterday examined the difference between the Bush Administration's economic rhetoric and the current economic reality. Some excerpts:

White House, June 2002: “One year after President Bush signed the tax cut into law, the economy is growing, consumer spending is up and America is on the path to economic recovery.”

Reality, April 2003: Almost two years after the tax cut, the opposite is true. The economy is now barely growing.... The economy looks shaky as jobless claims remain above 400,000, the unemployment rate refuses to drop, the percentage of the population in the labor force continues to shrink, the deficit continues to expand, industrial production and retail sales continue to shrink, the stock market is unable to recover and stay at previous levels and consumer confidence remains at all time lows.

White House, June 2002: “The tax cut will help create 800,000 jobs by the end of 2002.”

Reality, April 2003: ...The total private sector job losses since the recession began in March 2001 [is] 2,629,000. This is the worst performing job market in modern American economic history.

White House, June 2002: “The tax cut helped shorten the duration and impact of the recession.”

Reality, April 2003: The NBER, the official arbiter of recessions, has yet to agree this recession is even over... two years after it began because of conflicting signals from the economy.

White House, June 2002: “Economic growth has returned: 5.6% in the first quarter of 2002 compared to 1.2% in 2001.”

Reality, April 2003: .... Total growth for the year 2003 is predicted to be only around 2.5%, again, far less than the 3% required to create jobs and provide sustainable growth.

White House, June 2002: “If Congress holds spending to the Presidents budget, we will return to a budget surplus by 2005.”

Reality, April 2003: The president’s budget this year projects deficits of $300 to $400 billion for this year and next, before war costs, new tax cuts, and new spending plans (Medicare, prescription drugs, homeland security) are fully factored in. Furthermore, CBO projects the budget is not projected to return to surplus until at least 2008, and at least 2012 if the Social Security surplus is not included in the estimates.

In a Dean Administration, America would return to a policy of fiscal responsibility. As Governor of Vermont, Howard Dean was able to cut the income tax twice, remove the sales tax on most clothing, and reduce the state's long-term debt-- but never at the expense of a balanced budget. Under Dean's leadership, Vermont paid down a $70 million deficit and built a $100 million "rainy day" fund to help Vermont through future economic downturns. Good thing, too. Under George Bush, it's pouring.



Howard Dean today announced the endorsement of Congressman Neil Abercrombie, a Hawaii Democrat.

“I’m endorsing Howard Dean for President because he puts America’s working families first,” said Congressman Abercrombie. “He’s focused on issues like health care, jobs, and the economy. He’ll make sure we have a strong military and a strong homeland security to protect our communities.”

Representative Abercrombie became the second member of the House of Representatives to endorse Governor Dean, following Representative Zoe Lofgren’s (D-CA) announcement yesterday that she is supporting the campaign. Vermont Senators Jim Jeffords, an Independent, and Democrat Patrick Leahy have already pledged their support to Governor Dean.

“I am honored to receive Congressman Abercrombie’s endorsement,” Governor Dean said today. “Neil’s support in Hawaii will be tremendously important. During this campaign, I will speak honestly with citizens across America about health care for all, the need for a balanced budget, and the importance of a rational foreign policy.”


Dean for America has just added a new student page to its main website. Check it out to find out about Break for Dean, a national day of student action for Howard Dean taking place on April 26th.


Left Leaner (scroll down to the "Editor's Note" in the linked entry) has a post today discussing Howard Dean's proposal of a seven point plan for reconstructing Iraq. Left Leaner writes:

Governor Dean isn't a one-note candidate. He is presenting serious foreign policy proposals for serious times, and he understands that the damage that Bush is doing to our own economy is every bit as important as the damage the President has done to our reputation abroad.

Left Leaner also carries his argument into the comments section of the Dean blog.


From the Dean for America homepage:

Governor Howard Dean, M.D. yesterday called for United Nations cooperation in helping to rebuild Iraq.

"We knew from the outset we could win this war without much help from others. But we cannot win the peace by continuing to go it alone," Governor Dean said. "Our goal should be what the Administration has promised-- an Iraq that is stable, self-sufficient, whole and free. Our strategy to achieve that goal should be based on a partnership with three sides--U.S., international and Iraqi--and a program that begins with seven basic points."

Those points are:

--A NATO-led coalition should maintain order and guarantee disarmament.
--Civilian authority in Iraq should be transferred to an international body approved by the U.N. Security Council.
--The U.N.'s Oil for Food program should be transformed into an Oil for Recovery program, to pay part of the costs of reconstruction and transition.
--The U.S. should convene an international donor's conference to help finance the financial burden of paying for Iraq's recovery.
--Women should participate in every aspect of the decision-making process.
--A means should be established to prosecute crimes committed against the Iraqi people by individuals associated with Saddam Hussein's regime.
--A democratic transition will take between 18 to 24 months, although troops should expect to be in Iraq for a longer period.

"We must hold the Administration to its promises before the war, and create a world after the war that is safer, more democratic, and more united in winning the larger struggle against terrorism and the forces that breed it," Governor Dean said.

"That is, after all, now much more than a national security objective," he added. "It is a declaration of national purpose, written in the blood of our troops, and of the innocent on all sides who have perished."



C-SPAN 2 will be showing live coverage of the Children's Defense Forum in just a few minutes. Governor Dean will be speaking, along with the other Democratic candidates. It is now 7:05 pm EDT. Check your local television guide for channel information.


Governor Dean will be interviewed live on CNBC's Capital Report this evening, Wednesday April 9th at 9:35 pm EDT. The interview follows Governor Dean's appearance at the Children’s Defense Fund Forum.


Governor Howard Dean today announced the endorsement of California U.S. Representative Zoe Lofgren. Rep. Lofgren became the first member of Congress to officially endorse Governor Dean's presidential candidacy.

"I am ready to work for him, and to help build the resources to make his campaign a success," Rep. Lofgren said. "I believe Governor Dean represents the hope we need in America to rebuild our economy, restore our credibility overseas, improve our environment and renew our faith in government.

"As a physician, Dr. Dean knows the definition of compassion. Dr. Dean has been at the bedside of real Americans, treated their illnesses and eased their pains," she added. "Now, our economy is ill, and it is time to call in the doctor."

Tonight, Congresswoman Lofgren plans to attend the Children’s Defense Fund Presidential Candidate’s Forum as Governor Dean’s honored guest.

“Congresswoman Lofgren is a terrific leader who has earned the respect of her colleagues and her constituents. I am honored to receive her endorsement,” Governor Dean said today. “Congresswoman Lofgren and I agree that this President has broken his promise to America’s kids by short-changing our schools and as a result leaving far too many children behind,” Governor Dean continued.

Rep. Lofgren said the economy was also a critical issue in this race.

"In my home county of Santa Clara, California, we have lost thousands of jobs since George W. Bush promised that tax cuts were the way to economic health," she said. "In Silicon Valley, we have an unemployment rate over 8%. Tax-free dividends will not put Silicon Valley back to work. We need to put a governor in charge of changing how our economy is stimulated.

"To lead a state takes vision. America needs vision to restore our economy and rebuild faith in our country and our security. Governor Dean offers that vision. As a governor of a state, he knows all too well the pressures of improving education and services, something our incumbent President appears to ignore."


Governor Howard Dean, M.D. will be attending the Children's Defense Fund Forum this evening in Washington D.C. The CDF Forum marks the first major event to be attended by all the Democratic presidential candidates. Dean's record of achievement on children's issues is unparalleled.

The event takes place from 7 p.m. until 9 p.m. EDT. C-SPAN will be at the Forum with three cameras. If the House and Senate finish their sessions by 7:00 p.m., the forum will air LIVE.

And since ArchPundit is blogging about it (days ago, we know), we might as well, too. Howard Dean will be in Chicago tomorrow night at 5:45 p.m. local, speaking to members of Democratic Leadership for the 21st Century. The event is free for members, $5 for the general public.



Ronald Brownstein over at the Los Angeles Times (registration required) summarizes the Bush economic record today:

The economy has now lost about 2 million jobs since Bush took office. It has lost jobs in 18 of Bush's 27 months in office.

With state and local governments facing a budget crunch that could force them to reduce employment -- and the private-sector economy remaining slow -- Bush faces the risk of becoming the first president since World War II to suffer a net loss of jobs during his term. Even the sluggish economy under his father produced a net of 2.5 million new jobs; under Clinton, the nation gained 22.9 million jobs.

Governor Dean, speaking (fast forward to 24:50) at the California Democratic Party Convention on March 15th:

"I was Governor for so long that I got to serve through not one but two Bush recessions. And in Vermont, I was very proud to balance the budget. We balanced the budget; we set money aside in a "rainy-day fund"; we paid down almost a quarter of our debt. The reason that is important is because it is hard to fund social justice without a balanced budget, which is why this President doesn't have one.

"In our state, our budget is still balanced and we are not cutting higher education, we are not cutting K-12, and we are not cutting health care for kids. That's what we need in this country. I am a Governor, and I have done it."



Dean for America today announced that Joe Trippi is moving into the position of Campaign Manager, and Robert Rogan, Gov. Dean's former deputy chief of staff, will become Deputy Campaign Manager. In addition, two new Deputy Press Secretaries-- Dorie Clark of Boston and Kathy Lash of Maryland-- are joining the Vermont-based campaign.

Trippi replaces outgoing Campaign Manager Rick Ridder, who will work on a contractual basis for the campaign from his Denver office. Trippi has been the campaign's director, running the day-to-day operations.

Rogan served as Gov. Dean's deputy chief of staff from 1994-98, before stepping down to become Vice President of Public Affairs for Central Vermont Public Service Corp.

"I am excited about returning to work for Governor Dean," said Rogan. "Over the last ten years, I have come to know Howard as a strong leader of unquestioned integrity and commitment to public service. He clearly understands the hopes and dreams of Americans and has a compelling agenda for change."

“I look forward to helping him become the next President of the United States," he added.

Gov. Dean said he welcomed Rogan’s solid judgment and organizational skills, which he relied upon during his years as Governor.

“I have continued to use Bob as a sounding board over the years, and look forward to having him on staff and in regular communication once again,” Gov. Dean said. “Joe and Bob will make a strong team to lead this campaign into the primaries and beyond.

On the press front, Ms. Clark is a Boston-area journalist who served as Press Secretary to Massachusetts Democratic gubernatorial candidate Robert Reich during the last primary race. Clark has written for publications including The Boston Globe, Boston Phoenix, and Commonwealth Magazine.

Kathy Lash has worked on several congressional election campaigns, and most recently assisted with media for Virginia Gov. Mark Warner’s inaugural.

The two replace Press Secretary Susan Allen, who is moving into an advisory role with the campaign.



Would you like to receive periodic voice or text messages directly on your cell phone from the campaign-- or a voice message from Governor Dean himself?

Dean for America has set up a Upoc phonenet group that will allow us to send occasional text and voice messages directly to your cell phone. We intend to use it about once a week or every other week-- only to communicate information about time sensitive events and news. You can register for the service for free. (The text messaging service may not work with all cell phones, but you can still sign up to receive emails). Only campaign people can send messages to members, and our same privacy policy applies. The Dean Campaign will not share your cell number/email and others will not be able to view it.

To sign up, click here: Upoc Phonenet for Dean 2004

You can invite others to join by using the "invite" function on Upoc, the service provider.

Although we will continue to use email as the primary mode of communication, this can be a very valuable way to keep informed—an important piece in grassroots/netroots organizing. Similar networks have enabled real time reporting and empowered grassroots political movements all over the world.


On March 24, Governor Howard Dean, M.D. answered questions with BusinessWeek (subscription required) national political correspondent Richard S. Dunham:

You have criticized Democratic rivals for voting to authorize force in Iraq and failing to draw distinctions with the President on domestic issues. Why?

Our party has supported the President too much. People are desperate for somebody who stands up for Democratic values in the party.

How do your "Democratic values" differ from President Bush's compassionate conservatism?

This President has moved so far to the right that he's undermining the economic future of our nation and our international prestige. He is not a conservative when it comes to [spending] money. He is not conserving our power.

What do you think of Bush's [proposed] $726 billion tax cut?

Just about everybody on Wall Street knows it's crazy. There's a real [deficit] problem down the line.
Every Senate Democrat running for President voted to pare back the tax package to $350 billion. What would you have done?

I would have voted with [Arizona Republican Senator] John McCain [against any tax cut]."


Thanks for coming out to support us at the Georgia JJ dinner--and for all the people who were there in Boston last week!! The energy all over the country is awe-inspiring. Also, thanks to those of you who drove from all over--through the freezing rain and snow--to rally in New Hamphire yesterday. With this kind of enthusiasm, and with the over 13,000 people signed up on Meetup, we are building an organization that will change this country. Thanks!!!

If you've been wondering what it's like inside the offices of the Dean campaign, the Times Argus has a great story out today about the fast-paced life here in Burlington. Tracy Schmaler of the Vermont Press Bureau writes:

"A cacophony of ringing telephones, buzzing fax machines and urgent chattering echoed down the narrow corridor of white walls and pine doors on the fourth floor at 95 St. Paul St. Inside the only office with its door open, earnest young men and women stepped over one another to answer the phones, deliver papers to a smattering of pushed-together desks and seize any available computer keyboard.

“We’re literally stacked on top of one another,” said Susan Allen, the campaign’s press secretary."

Stacked, squeezed, shoehorned-- yes, that's us.Schmaler correctly notes the "more than 100 volunteers, about 50 of whom are in a regular rotation," and 40 or so paid staff members that make up the Dean for America campaign in Burlington. She recites "certain volunteer stories [that] have become lore in the campaign, the examples of the kind of inspiration Dean invokes in his supporters:

There is the young man who packed up his car in New York City and drove north to Burlington to volunteer because he believed in Dean. He worked for no pay for several weeks, but now makes about $500 a month.

There is a pair of Washington, D.C., lawyers who came to Vermont to work for free because they liked what they heard from Dean."

The dedication isn't just here in Burlington, of course. It's happening all around the country. Campaign Director Joe Trippi explains:

“This election is not going to be about money. It’s going to be about message. It’s about taking back the party,” Trippi said. “The other candidates haven’t figured that out....

“We’re building this totally grassroots … [We have] Net-roots organization that no one else has,” Trippi said, noting somewhat happily that while Dean has attracted almost 500 supporters for Meetups in Boston, his rival Kerry has yet to break 100 people from the largest city in his home state.