Just three more days until the FEC deadline, and five more days until the April 2nd Meetup. Today, figure out who you are going to bring along to your local meetup, and make sure they sign up at BOTH www.deanforamerica.com and on the Meetup list. Thanks!

PS: If you received an e-postcard from Howard Dean yesterday, then you know that the campaign is only $83,000 short of its March 31st goal. Help Howard Dean make that goal today. (If you didn't receive the postcard, sign up here to receive email from Governor Dean and his campaign.)


Nearly 8,500 people have now signed up for Dean Meetups! After the last Dean Meetup in March, some folks in New York started The Meetup Challenge for Dean. The Challenge is to get every Dean Meetup member to contribute what they can to Howard Dean and to encourage ten friends to donate as well. Please add a penny to your donation (i.e., $50.01, $250.01), to help us show the power of the Internet. We welcome the new Meetup members, and hope that each of you who have signed up in the past few weeks will join the Meetup Challenge by Monday. Contribute today, and get ten friends to come on board. Post on your local Meetup message board, on your email groups and in your chat rooms and let others know about this netroots campaign. The FEC deadline is only four days away!


Why is the Federal Election Commission's March 31st filing deadline the Dean campaign's number one priority? Since Governor's Dean's speech to the Democratic National Committee on February 21st, the campaign has grown rapidly. Press coverage has increased sharply, with numerous appearances by Governor Dean on the Sunday talk shows, a major report on NPR's Morning Edition, and a slew of positive reviews in the national print media. The phones at campaign headquarters have been ringing off the hook, the membership of the Dean Meetups has nearly doubled, and a single word describes the tranformation of the campaign-- momentum. But the first-quarter FEC filing reports will be scutinized closely by the media. A solid showing will help Howard Dean bring his vision of a better America to more people than ever before. We are close to our goal, but not there yet. Let's win the White House in 2004. You can help today by contributing and encouraging your friends and family to do the same.


Only six more days until March 31st. This blog is going to bring you information about upcoming events, flyers, rallies, and important issues, but the campaign's number one priority until the FEC deadine is raising money. Thanks to you, yesterday was our best Meetup Challenge day yet! If you have been thinking about contributing, please do so now (and remember a penny for the net). If you have already donated for Dean, encourage your friends to do the same. If you have already called or emailed people you know, thank you, and this is a good day to follow up with them.

You can also put a clickable Dean icon on any web site you administer. Make sure to spread the word with other Dean supporters.

8 more people and the dean2004.meetup.com hits 8,000!


One more week until March 31!

Seven days until the big FEC deadline: This is the week for netroots supporters of Howard Dean to show your strength.

Here is a (shorter) sample email. Please send it to your friends and email list and ask them to forward it:

I am writing to you because I feel strongly about Vermont Governor Howard Dean's campaign for the Presidency. I would like you to get involved. This week is critical for Howard Dean. On March 31st Dean's campaign must report how much they have raised in the first quarter of the year to the Federal Election Commission. A strong showing on the report will demonstrate the popularity of Dean's message, and the depth of his support. Dean speaks his mind, and addresses issues head on. He is not scared of difficult questions, and has eleven years of experience as Governor to prove that he can achieve what he sets out to do. Visit his website at www.deanforamerica.com to learn more.

I support Dean and I hope you will, too. Your contribution now will help more people hear Howard Dean's message. Please contribute whatever you can, $25.01 to $1000.01 (a penny for the internet), and pass this email on to your friends. Every dollar you give up to $250 will be matched. The maximum gift is $2,000.

In addition to contributing, the best thing you can do for Governor Dean right now is join other Dean supporters in your area at the Meetup coming on April 2. These Meetups allow you to meet other grassroots supporters, learn more about Dean, and talk about how you can help elect him President. Sign up for your local meetup at dean2004.meetup.com.

Thanks for your support!


Eight more days until March 31! Three things you can do, today, for Howard: (1) Go to dean2004.meetup.com and sign up to go to the April 2 meetup; (2) Get one more friend to join the meetup and make sure they get there; and (3) Raise him some netroots money! It's been a fantastic two months, but we'd like to raise a final $100,000 in the next week, and we can do it if everyone who visits this site gets even five of their friends to make a donation. Contribute at www.deanforamerica.com.